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BJP Leader Sonali Phogat’s Murder Case: 10 Latest Facts

BJP Leader Sonali Phogat's Murder Case: 10 Latest Facts

Sonali Phogat had allegedly complained against her staff to her family before her death.

The two men accused of rape and murder of BJP leader Sonali Phogat were arrested late this evening — hours after the postmortem report revealed multiple bruises on her body. Her family claimed she was raped and killed by her employee and his friend.

Here’s your 10-Point cheatsheet in this big story:

  1. Sudhir Sangwan, Sonali Phogat’s personal assistant, and his friend Sukhwinder Wasi, who had accompanied Sonali Phogat to Goa, were arrested by the Goa police after a case was filed.

  2. The postmortem report mentioned multiple bruises on her body, which the report described as “blunt force trauma”. “There are multiple blunt force injuries over the body. In view of the above, the manner of death is for the investigating officer to ascertain,” the report said.  

  3. The report, however, did not mention any cause of death. Several tests, including chemical analysis of tissues, are pending. “In view of the above, the manner of death is for the investigating officer to ascertain,” it added.

  4. The family has claimed that Sudhir Sangwan had raped her earlier as well. Sonali Phogat had complained to her mother about her personal assistant, they said.

  5. “She said Sangwan had given her food laced with some intoxicant, raped her and made a video,” read her brother Rinku Dhaka’s complaint to the police. Sudhir Sangwan had threatened to release the video on social media, the complaint read.

  6. Sonali Phogat, who first found fame on TikTok,died on Tuesday in Goa, where she had gone with a group.

  7. The 43-year-old BJP leader from Haryana’s Hisar was declared dead on arrival at the St Anthony Hospital at Anjuna in North Goa.

  8. Initially the death was attributed to heart attack, which was challenged by her family. She was healthy and was suffering from no condition that could cause her death overnight, they said. A few hours before her death, she had spoken to mother, sister and brother-in-law on telephone.

  9. Sonali Phogat’s brother Watan Phogat said it was Sudhir Sangwan who told them that she had a heart attack. “He (Sudhir) said she was unwell the night before and kept changing his version. That made us suspicious,” he added.

  10. Asked why the First Information Report was filed so late, Watan Dhaka said, “We have no idea. We said an FIR should be filed first and then the postmortem can be done. But the local authorities wanted the postmortem first”.



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