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Men In Boat On Ganga Smoke Hookah, Cook Chicken, Cops In Search

The men seen smoking a hookah pipe on river Ganga in Prayagraj


A video of a group of men seen smoking a hookah pipe while chicken is getting cooked on board a boat in the middle of Ganga river in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj is in wide circulation now.

The incident is from near Nagvasuki mandir at Daraganj in Prayagraj – believed to be the most important pilgrimage centre for Hindus.  

The city police has formed a team and launched a manhunt for the alleged offenders. A police case will also be filed against them, said a top officer.

“Those seen enjoying themselves on the boat will be identified and strict action will be taken against them,” said SSP Shailesh Kumar Pandey.

Several low-lying areas in Prayagraj were submerged when the water level rose in the Ganga and Yamuna rivers last week. Water accumulated in low-lying colonies in Rajapur, Baghara, Daraganj, and several other places.

The administration had placed restrictions on any boat cruise amid flood-like situation in the city.



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