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RIL’s 45th AGM features 3D interactive experience zone in Metaverse

RIL's 45th AGM features 3D interactive experience zone in Metaverse

The Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) 45th AGM includes an immersive 3D interactive experience zone in the Metaverse.

RIL thus aims to be among the first global majors to use a Virtual Reality (VR) platform, while also being live on five leading social media platforms, plus the official JioMeet broadcast.

Powered by Team GMetriXR, the AGM VR platform is designed for a user to virtually walkthrough a lounge, explore business-wise highlights of the Integrated Annual Report 2021-22 in an interactive manner from different virtual rooms.

The immersive experience can be enjoyed on commonly used mobile or desktop screens, although specialized 3D VR eyewear can enrich the experience.

Besides, RIL will be adding two more social media platforms—Koo and Instagram.

RIL has also activated a WhatsApp chatbot which can be activated with a ‘hi’ message and it helps find the date, timing of the AGM, how to watch it live, how a shareholder can vote or ask questions etc. All this in a conversational manner, alongside videos, within the WhatsApp environment, encourages greater user engagement.

At the time of the last RIL AGM in June 2021, the chatbot handled over a lakh queries successfully with a high degree of accuracy.

It has been several years since Reliance pioneered the live feed of its AGMs with all electronic media, as well as digital media platforms.

Reliance, through Jio, has been a champion of the Digital India cause, spearheading India’s digital transformation at various levels.




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