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Apple iPhone 14 Pro could bring back this old, classic feature

Apple iPhone 14 Pro could bring back this old, classic feature


Apple iPhone 14

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro could come with the classic battery percentage indicator that had the percentage level and the battery icon located side-by-side in the top corner of the display, as per a report by MacRumors, based on alleged mockups of the device from a source.

The more clarity and ease you have in knowing what battery levels your phone stands at, the more comfortable you’ll be using the phone, isn’t it, considering it is the one thing in a smartphone that shouldn’t make you go through several steps. It’s like using the phone to check the time, more or less.

In most cases, you can check it by switching the display on or just by looking at the screen when it is off. Checking for the phone battery levels should be that easy too, instead of you guessing whether it is 40% or 35% or 32%.

And what has been suggested in the mockup is looking possible with the rumoured elongated pill-shaped cutout above the display, which should leave enough space for both the numeric representation of the battery, alongwith the battery level.

It just makes it more simpler than having to look at the battery percentage icon in the iOS 1 beta, which just includes just the icon (without the percentage levels) and to confirm the battery levels which you guessed, you have to go to the settings to know where exactly the battery levels stand at.

Also, since the removal of the notch from the design would leave more space, Apple could also experiment with shifting the cell service icon towards the left of the display when the phone is locked and keeping the notification center and the battery indicator towards the right.




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