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How you can contribute to the government’s Bhasini project

How you can contribute to the government's Bhasini project

Bhasini is one of the latest initiatives taken by the government of India at the Digital India Week 2022 event held in Gandhinagar. The initiative aims to break the barriers between various Indian languages using technology. The project uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) resources along with crowdsourced data to help developers to offer easy access to the internet and digital services in native languages.

The resources will be available to access via the public domain to be used by Indian MSMEs, startups and individual innovators. Apart from that, the government has also allowed users to donate their language data via the Bhasha Daan portal in four different ways. –

Wondering how to contribute? Follow our step-by-step guide:

As mentioned, there are four different ways to contribute – Suno India, Bolo India, Liko India and Dekho India. In this guide, we will tell you how to contribute to each section. Read on:

Steps to contribute to Suno India section


Visit ‘’ using any web browser and click on Join Bhasha Daan button.


Now, click on ‘Suno India’ button at the top and click on Validate button and enter the asked details


Once verified, it will redirect you to the next page with a couple of audio click with a ‘Needs Change and ‘Correct’ button along with a paraphrase.


Here, you’ll need to listen to the audio clips and see if it matches the paraphrase written. If the voice and the text match, click on ‘Correct’ button. If it does not, then click on ‘Needs Change’ button. Clicking on ‘Needs Change’ button will open text widows that will allow you to make changes in the text for correction.

Repeat the same for other phrases. Once done, you’ll receive a report along with a badge like Bronze, Silver, etc. The more you contribute, the better badge you’ll receive.

Steps to contribute to Bolo India section
Under the Bolo India section, there are two parts, one is the contribution part where you can contribute by reading the phrases given and the second part is validating the already recorded phrases like the Suno India section. Also, you’ll need to select the language for which you want to contribute.

For this, click on ‘Bolo India’ option at the top and then click on ‘Speak’ option. On the next page, start reading the given phrases. Completing it will again return you a report with a badge.

For the second part, head back to ‘Bolo India’ page and click on ‘Validate’ button, enter the details. On the next page, start listening to the recorded audio clip and match it with the phrase. If it’s correct, hit ‘Correct’. If incorrect, click on ‘Incorrect’ button.

Once finished, you’ll once again receive a report along with a badge.

Steps to contribute to Likho India section
This is much like your Google Translate where you are supposed to choose two different languages. For instance, you can choose From English to Hindi or any other languages of your choice.

In this section, click on the Validate button and enter details. After this, the translator-like text box will open where one side of the box represents the primary language and the second box will represent the translation language. Start the process and validate the translation whether they are correct or not.

Do note that, currently, the translation contribution feature isn’t available as the website asks to validate the data first.

Steps to contribute to Dekho India section
Dekho India also currently only allows users to validate the data and not contribute. So, click on Dekho India button and start validating. In this, you will be provided with some image with text in it along with the extracted text from that image. You are supposed to validate whether the extracted text is correct or not.

Start the process, hit ‘Correct’ if the extracted text is correct or click on ‘Needs Change’ if it isn’t. Also, you’ll be asked to make the changes if the text is incorrect.

Once the process is complete, you will be provided with a report and a badge like other sections.




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