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Ivanka For Vice President? Donald Trump Said This

World Exclusive: Ivanka For Vice President? Donald Trump Said This

Donald Trump described his daughter Ivanka as a very capable person. (File)

New Jersey:

As Donald Trump gets ready to run for President in 2024, many reports have suggested that he wants his daughter Ivanka Trump to be his running mate. Addressing these reports, the former US president, in an exclusive interview, said if he runs in 2024, he will not consider his daughter for his Vice President candidate.

Trump came closest so far to saying he would run for office again as he told NDTV “everyone wants me to run again” and that he would take a decision soon.

Is there any substance to reports that Ivanka Trump, 40, might be his choice for running mate in 2024? Mr Trump called it an “interesting” idea.

“Ivanka? My daughter? Never thought of that one. I’ve never even heard but that’s an interesting idea,” he told NDTV.

The former President, who has five children, described Ivanka as a very capable person.

“That one I have not heard of, but she’s a very capable person that I can tell you. But no, I have not heard that one,” Mr Trump said on the buzz.

Would he consider it? “No, I wouldn’t. Not my daughter,” said the former President.

Trump wanted to name his daughter as his running mate in 2016 and discussed the idea with his aides before picking Mike Pence, said reports quoting a book by former campaign deputy Rick Gates. The reports also said it was Ivanka Trump who told her father it wasn’t a good idea.

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner were made senior White House advisors after Mr Trump won the 2016 election.



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