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Requests to Alexa in Hindi up more than 50%

Requests to Alexa in Hindi up more than 50%

Number of requests to Amazon Alexa in Hindi language have increased by over 52% in the last year, the company said.

Customers in India interact with the Amazon Alexa voice service millions of times in a day in Hindi and Hinglish for music, information, cricket scores, smart home control, setting alarms/reminders, and much more.

“We have worked hard to make the Alexa voice service easy and useful by adding support for Hindi language, and updating it with content such as local information, music, Bollywood news, cricket scores and so on,” said Dilip RS, Country Manager for Alexa, Amazon India.

“I am excited to see the increase in usage of Alexa in Hindi over the last three years. This encourages us to keep innovating and add locally relevant information and features to Alexa,” he added.

Customers are making the most out of their smart speakers by making hands-free requests to Alexa.

In many Indian households, customers speak in a mix of Hindi and English languages.

With its multilingual mode, Alexa is equipped to answer questions in either of these languages simultaneously.

Additionally, the Alexa Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team has improved the multilingual model for English and Hindi languages, which has made the voice service better at responding to mixed-language, said the company.




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