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This is what Apple may use those sensors for

New use cases for Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s ‘unified’ display cutout: This is what Apple may use those sensors for

Apple is set to unveil its next generation of iPhonesiPhone 14 series – at an event scheduled for September 7. The Cupertino-based tech giant is also expected to launch the Apple Watch Series 8 and new AirPods at the same event. As the date gets closer, more leaks and rumours about the upcoming iPhone 14 range are coming. A recent report claimed that Apple will use software in iPhone 14 Pro to make two different display cutouts on top look like a single seamless cutout. However, a new report suggests that Apple will be using the space between the two cutouts to include multiple privacy indicators and will also change the Camera app.

How Apple may be planning to use the ‘unified’ display cutout in iPhone 14 Pro
Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Apple will bridge the pill and hole-shaped cutouts in the iPhone 14 Pro display with software. The company is planning to black out the between the two cutouts to provide an illusion that will make them look like “one wide pill-shaped cutout,” the report mentions. However, a new report claims to explain how Apple will use the single unified pill-shaped cutout.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, the single cutout was first presumed to remain as a dead space, but that might not be accurate. The report claims that Apple is likely to use this space to make its privacy indicators for the camera and microphone more visible.
For reference, currently, when an app is using the iPhone’s microphone, Apple places a very small orange dot in the upper-right corner of the display to indicate the action. Meanwhile, the company uses a green dot when an app uses the iPhone’s camera. The report suggests that Apple will move these indicators and make them more visible in the iPhone 14 Pro.

As per the report, the “dead space” between the two display cutouts will be used to show these green and yellow privacy indicators on the iPhone 14 Pro. The report also notes that Apple might be trying to deliver an experience more similar to a MacBook, which sports an always-visible green LED whenever the camera is being used.

Moreover, this change may also allow Apple to show both green and orange dots, simultaneously whenever both camera and microphone are in use, the report adds. Currently, the company can show only the green dot even if the app is using both the camera and microphone of the iPhone. Apart from this, Apple is also planning to allow users to tap on these indicators to see a list of apps that are using or have recently used the microphone and the camera.

Apple may have other plans to use the ‘unified’ display cutout
The report also mentions Apple is planning to redesign the Camera app where several controls will be moved to the top part of the display. Flash button, Live Photo button and other controls are expected to be positioned in the status bar, while the photo and video settings are likely to be just beneath the display cutouts. This change will offer users “a larger view of the camera preview” as the controls will be shifted upwards and some will be moved to the status bar.

Furthermore, the report adds that Apple has already tested these optimisations for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro display cutout and the company is planning to implement them. Since these are software features, Apple can reject them altogether depending on the final testing. The report also claims that the company is still not sure particularly about using the Camera redesign.




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