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Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Australia

AI is changing the landscape of technology all around the world. So many companies are using AI to solve real-world problems and make our lives easier. Let’s look at some of the most innovative and exciting AI-based startups founded in Australia.

Due to continued increases in healthcare demand and a lack of skilled workers, several areas of clinical diagnosis and treatment are experiencing capacity issues. Harrison is utilizing a platform built on deep learning artificial intelligence to tackle this issue. The technology provides assistance with services, including canine parvovirus infection, tuberculosis case analysis, and pregnancy prediction using time-lapse video and fundoscopic images.

Insurance has continued to be challenging to understand, paper-based, and utterly cut off from consumers’ digital lives. With its AI-based software suite for the insurance business, Open is a fintech company attempting to streamline and digitize it. Businesses of all sizes may integrate Open’s car, house, and travel insurance into their digital experiences to give their clients access to quick, simple, cost-effective insurance.

Understanding brain connectivity has always been a challenge for clinicians and researchers worldwide. It is crucial to find the reason behind many brain health problems. Omniscient is helping to solve this problem by generating a digital map of the brain known as the connectome. It is created using cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) and made available to specialists in neurosurgery, psychology, and research. Connectomics has provided new insights that can help comprehend the complexity of the brain and open the door to more advanced treatment options for disorders including depression, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and stroke.

As we already mentioned, insurance has traditionally been a tedious, complicated, and paper-based process that urgently calls for technological intervention. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, Huddle has created insurance that is straightforward, easy to understand, and more potent. It provides insurance estimates for cars, houses, and travel. Huddle is supported by Open, one of Australia’s most cutting-edge insurance platforms, which we previously highlighted.

Splash aims to increase accessibility for musicians. It uses AI and MLto help in music composition and iteration. Splash creates tools and games that enable everyone to be creative. Their users can make music, perform live, engage with fans, and make money from their skills. With its simple, user-friendly tools, anyone may discover their creativity and grow as an artist.

There are hurdles involved in developing a scalable B2B SME-focused SAAS platform, with marketing being the most important. By utilizing technological advancements in AI and ML to create a deep tech solution that could deliver the same marketing strategy capability as those offered to enterprise clients but personalized at a price point that would work for SMEs, Metigy is assisting businesses in overcoming this challenge. Using past data, competitor performance, and the performance of the professional network, the platform recommends subjects or material that are popular and pertinent to the audience.

HealthMatch is working to hasten medical research to facilitate quicker and more effective access to potentially life-saving drugs. It offers a platform for patient recruiting for clinical trials. Through the portal, patients have access to clinical trials from a global network of care teams. Patients are matched in real-time to clinical trials specific to their medical profiles by the company using artificial intelligence applied to clinical data.

Analyzing and gaining insights into inaccessible areas like underground mines is highly challenging. To give innovative efficiency, safety, and operational insights to underground mining and other industries, Emesent offers systems to automate the gathering and processing of data in difficult GPS-denied situations. Its features include data analytics, SLAM-based LiDAR mapping, autonomous flight technologies for mapping dangerous situations without GPS, and collision avoidance. A variety of sectors that need LiDAR mapping and inspection in difficult inaccessible places can use their solutions.

Due to the long-standing stigma associated with debt collection, businesses frequently write off past-due payments rather than risk damaging their reputation. However, a digital business model gives a chance for financial gains without risk. For businesses, Indebted offers cloud-based debt collection solutions. Omnichannel communications, receivable management, payments and reconciliation, a self-service customer site, API connection, report analytics, and code compliance are all included in the package. With operations in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, InDebted has developed into a global leader.

Digital twins are copies of physical assets that include real-time performance data. This makes it possible to manage, perform, and experience those assets better. Digital twins are made available to the built world by Willow. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Seattle, New York, London, Manila, and Amersfoort, Willow operates in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. It helps its users increase revenues, save costs, and better manage risk by making proactive, data-driven decisions in real-time.

Over the past 20 years, checkout technology hasn’t advanced significantly. Additionally, merchants have sought strategies to boost efficiency and give their customers a better shopping experience. Modern computer vision software developed by Tiliter is revolutionizing retail product identification and transforming the shopping experience for consumers in supermarkets. It can automatically recognize non-barcoded items, provide a convenient shopping experience, and speed up the checkout procedure. Products from Tiliter that use computer vision help prevent loss and save money and time.

Most of the caregivers have communication issues with their kids. TogetherAI is developed to assist families in having more effective conversations and having those conversations at the appropriate times to help children develop the abilities they need to overcome obstacles as they grow. A team of healthcare professionals and specialists developed and curated TogetherAI’s strengths-based approach to wellbeing and mental health. It offers a machine-learning-based app-based experience that teaches kids about themselves and how to interact with their environment more effectively. 

The ability of businesses to gather data on their clients has increased tremendously with the development of technology, but data by itself is meaningless. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), Daisee provides a solution that aids in making sense of this data and gives business executives crucial insights into the viewpoint of their clients. Businesses including myob, zip, and Employsure have benefited from Daisee’s assistance in boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

Banks and neobanks currently function under an outdated and inefficient business model. Douugh is creating a new banking model based on software that facilitates financial independence. It provides an intelligent bank account that makes it easier for millennials to manage their money through a single app. Douugh aims to democratize banking by putting AI first and assisting consumers in making informed financial decisions.

The way real estate professionals identify, evaluate, and design locations have been revolutionized by Archistar. It specifically targets the time-consuming daily activities that are dealt with by real estate and design experts. It helps property experts identify, evaluate, and create viable property development sites using parametric and generative design principles and data from Australia’s top property data providers.

Every month, 127 billion news articles are read, but surprisingly few of those contain video. Videos are far more valuable than images when it comes to advertising. Oovvuu finds a solution and changes each page’s ability to generate income. With the help of Oovvuu, publishers can embed pertinent films in their content and return advertising revenue to them and broadcasters. The solution is being used by companies including WordPress, The Hook, PA Media, etc.

Calumino uses AI and computer vision to create innovative, inexpensive thermal sensor technologies. Compared to other low-cost thermal sensors and imagers, the Calumino Thermal Sensor (CTS) has an unmatched signal-to-noise ratio and image stability. The CTS was designed with mass-market applications related to security, fire safety, healthcare, smart buildings, and the automotive sector.

One can find novel solutions to various problems by transforming health data into intelligence. Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning technologies and algorithms, Medius’ Health Al Stack is designed from the bottom up to improve accuracy and coverage on varied health intelligence and risk forecasts with only a few health variables. Businesses can develop new use cases and applications to serve their customers better or effortlessly integrate their pre-built Al model APIs and services into their current operational procedures.

Every team and workplace has different needs for space, and vice versa. With the help of cutting-edge AI, XY Sense provides workplace teams with the most sophisticated occupancy sensors and analytics platform while protecting their privacy. With their workplace sensors, it is simple to monitor occupancy and office capacity restrictions in real time. One can also access detailed daily reports on space utilization to identify congestion zones and plan their cleaning strategy.

The growing demand for rural, agricultural, and climate risk intelligence is being met by Digital Agriculture Services, which puts science in the hands of decision-makers such as those in the rural real estate, lending, insurance, and commodity trading industries, as well as farmers and rural suppliers. The DAS Rural Intelligence PlatformTM and its expanding line of SaaS products provide best-in-class agribusiness data, workflow, and collaboration capabilities. Its cloud-based, geospatial architecture, which connects previously inaccessible rural data with exclusive CSIRO science and DAS proprietary data and models, is built on machine learning and artificial intelligence advances.

Black.ai builds a privacy layer that stands between operations teams and security cameras so businesses may improve customer experiences without betraying customers’ trust. Black.ai uses parallel streaming protocols to communicate with already installed cameras. Without compromising privacy, it aids in streamlining processes for both employees and clients. If something is noticed, the platform can also be utilized to regulate what happens in the real world.

More than 200 million people live with infertility worldwide, and just a fraction attempt IVF. With a cloud-based AI system that can swiftly identify traits unseen to the human eye, Life Whisperer provides fresh hope for boosting pregnancy rates. Its non-invasive and simple-to-use method has been demonstrated in theory and practice to improve embryo selection. International hospitals use life Whisperer to assist trained embryologists in selecting the most healthy and viable embryos for their patients.

Ailytic is a software provider that offers decision analytics to the manufacturing sector. Their sensors and software give artificial intelligence-enabled insights and the ability to handle real-time data, optimize production schedules, and deliver plans in a fully cloud-based platform. Future outages, machine performance data, and manufacturing behaviors can all be predicted. The headquarters of Ailytic are in Adelaide, Australia, and the company has operations in Changzhou, China, and clients in the Asia Pacific and Europe.

The payment of bills is a time-consuming process. Using Gobbill, you can automate payments while maintaining control over your financial flow. Using automation that links with accounting software, one can receive, pay, and analyze their bills entirely under control. Combining text extraction, fraud detection, and payment schedules can safeguard users from fraud and scams while saving them substantial time and money.

The vast majority of people who have legal issues do not seek legal counsel worldwide. And of those who do, the majority are unhappy with their service. Josef was developed to address such problems. Josef is a no-code software platform that enables attorneys and legal professionals to automate legal tasks, such as lawyer communications, emailing, creating legal documents, and offering legal counsel and advice. Josef is used by top boutique and NewLaw firms, leading international commercial firms, internal teams at multinational businesses, and the best colleges and law schools around the globe.

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