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Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in the Netherlands

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding worldwide, and many unique and exciting startups are trying to solve real-world problems using AI. In this article, Let’s look at some of the most innovative AI-based startups founded in the Netherlands.

Given the tremendous developments in technology and software development globally, cybersecurity and threat intelligence is the need of the hour. EclecticIQ is a leading technology and services provider for threat intelligence, hunting, and response. Its product is a platform that links and analyzes intelligence information from open sources, commercial suppliers, and industry alliances. Governments and big businesses use their platform to operationalize threat intelligence, facilitate threat hunting, detection, and response, and speed up collaboration.

The demand for anti-fraud solutions has grown due to the rapid advancement of technology and the rise of online fraud. FRISS detects and prevents fraud using data and AI technology for P&C insurers. It offers an analytics software platform for fraud detection, risk analysis, and compliance management. It provides fraud detection tools for processing claims and underwriting. Through its hybrid detection engine and linkages to external data sources, it helps insurers identify and prevent fraud.

The most crucial factor for any business to grow is user experience and customer engagement. For enterprises to engage customers across various conversational platforms, CM.com provides solutions, including omnichannel customer communications, ticketing, voice, chatbots, etc. Their software suite for conversational commerce aids in empowering marketing, sales, and customer service for numerous organizations.

These days, there are many online ways to communicate, making it difficult for businesses to keep track of conversations with different clients across several channels. With an omnichannel communication platform that combines all messaging channels into a single perspective to facilitate consumer communication, Trengo offers a solution to this issue. It enables users to communicate with customers, staff, and colleagues, share emails and messages, and manage chatbots. It allows users to interact with consumers, administer widgets, and reply to client inquiries.

By identifying malignancies sooner and facilitating more efficient and less strenuous therapy, ScreenPoint contributes to raising the survival rates for breast cancer. ScreenPoint uses Deep Learning for automated reading of mammograms. Transpara, the company’s flagship product, uses automated analysis of breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography data to find breast cancer early.

Most people lack the expertise, time, and resources needed for trading. Additionally, professional traders think bots are more adept at trading than humans. BOTS provides AI-based trading bots for bonds, forex, and stock investments. Bots utilize trading algorithms that can quickly and efficiently complete thousands of complicated computations. Through automated solutions, it enables customers to purchase, sell, and trade a variety of assets.

Context Labs offers solutions for clients who require trusted insights, tracked validity throughout the data’s supply chain of use, and trusted provenance of their data. Its mission is to gather, compile, and contextualize ESG data worldwide so it can be relied upon, used, and shared, delivering market-relevant insights and solutions. Context Labs uses cryptographic blockchain technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to offer Asset Grade Data through its Immutably Data Fabric platform.

Finance teams spend a tremendous amount of time and money processing employee reports; however, Blue Dot’s technology digitizes a costly, complicated, and risky procedure, relieving them of this load. In the era of employee-driven transactions, Blue Dot provides an all-in-one Tax Compliance Platform that disrupts the market and fundamentally alters tax assurance and compliance. Blue Dot seeks to transform how businesses operate globally in terms of accounting and the tax implications of their expenditures.

Customers, stakeholders, and employee feedback are dealt with by all businesses in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors. Wonderflow provides a platform that transforms this data into valuable insights. Their text and sentiment analysis powered by AI can efficiently process and analyze vast volumes of feedback. In addition to integrating data from user service, experience, and sales applications, it gathers and analyzes public feedback about competitors for market research and competition analysis. Public data sources include ratings and reviews on e-commerce websites, YouTube comments, and user service applications.

Samotics allow businesses to eliminate unanticipated downtime for industrial machinery and the electric motors that power it. Their state-of-the-art analytics technology houses a sizable database that generates alerts about particular impending problems weeks or months in advance. This gives businesses reliable insights that they can use to increase asset reliability. Additionally, it provides real-time monitoring of the energy usage of industrial equipment, which lowers expenses and promotes energy conservation.

GeoPhy aids in assessing risks associated with real estate assets and identifying opportunities in a dynamic market. It blends conventional and unconventional data sources with machine learning to assist clients in identifying opportunities and managing risks across the market. Their approaches measure hyperlocal, low latency data and transform it into practical knowledge. They are accelerating the commercial real estate market’s speed, efficiency, and transparency.

Customer due diligence in many businesses still involves JPG and PDF documents, which are difficult for human operators to verify manually. Sensity can automate the entire process and enhance the effectiveness of fraud detection. Online ID Authentication from Sensity makes customer onboarding safer and more efficient for businesses. Sensity AI solutions swiftly onboard legitimate clients while automatically rejecting fraudsters. It quickly validates legitimate papers and only flags anything that seems fishy.

The leading cause of power outages and wildfires brought on by our electric grid is vegetation. To better manage infrastructure and create safer communities, Overstory offers utility visibility, risk analysis, and optimization recommendations for managing vegetation to avoid wildfires and power outages. It accomplishes this by using satellite photos and artificial intelligence.

Making data accessible to regular consumers has become more critical as data volume has expanded dramatically. One can quickly and easily conduct any data-driven business inquiry with Dashmote analytics products and API connections. It purifies, harmonizes, matches, and combines data to create information that may be used. It allows users to connect to their internal systems directly or consume data in any front-end solution.

Because of the numerous cognitive biases that plague our brains, bias occurs in many situations, including hiring decisions, and affects our judgment in predictable ways. The Seedlink platform uses the latest advances in AI and language technology to evaluate and match talent in a way that is more inclusive, impartial, and effective. The Seedlink platform provides a level playing field for everyone, regardless of education, background, or gender.

The software program Watermelon automates monotonous chores so that one can concentrate on more crucial work. Without writing code, one may develop an AI chatbot using Watermelon’s robust chatbot builder. Conversations can be tested in real time by dragging and dropping conversational parts. Customer support, sales, marketing, and recruitment platforms may integrate with Watermelon using simple API, Webhooks, or Zapier integrations.

Few individuals know that high blood sugar is worse than high blood pressure. The scientific program from Clear immediately identifies the items that raise your blood sugar levels. The sensor and app instantly enable you to see nutrition’s impact on your blood glucose levels. You may create your dietary plan and keep track of your meals using the app’s simple summary.

AI has a huge potential to address humanity’s most pressing issues. However, there aren’t enough people who understand how to use AI in practice. FruitPunch AI provides challenge-based AI training that evaluates talent using practical abilities. The FruitPunch AI platform orchestrates the users’ experience through a series of local and remote in-person learning events, ten-week challenges that use real-world AI, and individualized skill assessment and growth.

SciSports offers football players the insights they need to meet their recruitment and performance analysis objectives reliably. SciSports is a leader in providing football data intelligence to professional football organizations, players, media, and entertainment and is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports analytics companies. To better the game on the field and the experience of billions of fans worldwide, SciSports uses data intelligence to generate insights.

Building conversational AI and brilliant virtual characters is complicated and demands a high level of specialized knowledge. Zoi Meet offers a no-code platform to create AI-powered virtual characters for the Metaverses and immersive environments. With voice-enabled Intelligent Virtual Avatars for information, entertainment, and engagement, Interverse (by Zoi Meet) gives metaverses life.

People who spend too much time and effort searching for what they want on e-commerce websites benefit from Pixyle.ai’s assistance in improving their online buying experience. Their deep learning and AI technology recognize product attributes in photos of clothing and create rich tags. It will help you identify and examine patterns more thoroughly and make business decisions that will help you expand your operations.

Braingineers improve the digital experiences of their clients. They go deeper into consumers’ brains utilizing cutting-edge tools like eye tracking, click|touch tracking, neuroscience technology (EEG), and artificial intelligence to understand their implicit, subconscious, and emotional experiences. Their analysis and insights delve far beneath the surface utilizing neuromarketing technology, identifying and explaining user/viewer behavior at both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Businesses can develop brand authority, break through silos, and increase sales by doing audience persona research with the aid of Crawlq.ai. It utilizes cutting-edge NLP algorithms to automate the content workflow and save hundreds of hours on niche research. This enables brands to consistently and reliably provide captivating content that resonates with their target audience.

The biggest challenge for modern firms in today’s digital environment is to monitor and advance team performance successfully. Kaizo overcomes this difficulty by offering а unified platform for performance management that enables bottom-up team improvement. It provides a gamified, all-in-one platform for effective customer care operations. They make it possible for teams to be more aware, involved, and productive in their digital work environment by utilizing real-time data, AI, and gamification.

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